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The Maillol Museum and Tempora agency are proud to present a photography exhibition by Andres Serrano, offering a profound insight into an America embroiled in a pivotal electoral battle for its future.


As a master of portraiture, Serrano elevates the contemporary individual by drawing on classical culture, now infused with elements of pop culture. His lens is focused on a schizophrenic society where Donald Trump stands as both a symptom and an emblem. This theme will play a central, almost obsessive role in the exhibition.


Through his meticulously staged photographs, Andres Serrano reveals an often unsettling reality of America. Themes of religion, death, sex, politics, poverty, and violence permeate the work of this acclaimed artist. These elements highlight an America that is both grand in its triumphalism and fragile in its contradictions. Over 100 of his powerful images are on display. Some of these photos, which may shock and have been subject to vandalism in past exhibitions, will be showcased in a dedicated space.

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